The Most Common Challenges During The Restoration Of Concrete

Concrete is a strong surface that provides excellent protection from the elements and will be able to handle anything mother nature may throw its way with ease. Despite its long life expectancy, there are still times that concrete can become damaged and require restoration to restore its original luster or be used for a different function. The following are the most common challenges that occur during a restoration project and how a professional can overcome them with minimal effort.

Cracks and Holes

One of the most common problems is the formation of cracks and holes, and if they are not fixed quickly, they will be able to expand in size and create additional damage. A contractor will have fillers that will help seal off any holes or cracks and prevent them from reoccurring. It may seem easy to patch a hole, but without the correct tools and supplies, it is almost guaranteed to occur again.


The sun and other elements can cause concrete to become discolored, and while pressure washing can remove surface stains, old concrete that is rough will easily hold on to stains and leave a dingy and dirty appearance. A contractor can use an acid wash to remove the stains and restore the visual appearance of concrete. Using an acid cleaner can be dangerous, but a professional will know the precautions to take to ensure it is used safely and without harming the environment.


Beams constructed from concrete are one of the most popular choices for creating the foundation of a building. If a concrete support becomes damaged, it is crucial to repair it to prevent further structural issues. A contractor will be able to use rebar to ensure a tight seal between new and existing concrete, and then use a finishing technique to match the concrete, so it is not visually unappealing.

Restoring concrete may seem like an easy process, but it shouldn’t be handled lightly. The team at tendon llc can help and offer a full array of concrete restoration and repair services. Contact them at the first sign of trouble and let one of their experienced technicians ensure a concrete surface is safe and free from unsightly stains or damage.