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What to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Mobility Van

If you love driving but are mobility-challenged, you can get a mobility van to be able to run your daily errands. Today, nearly all cars can be converted to accommodate drivers that rely on wheelchairs for mobility. Apart from converting a vehicle, you can choose full-size vans or minivans. These are the best vehicles that can be converted to accommodate your needs. However, some mobility-challenegd drivers do not like the vehicles. These drivers usually prefer the more stylish looking crossovers and sedans.

When choosing a vehicle, go for one that will fit your lifestyle and needs. Selecting the right vehicle is crucial as it can have a major impact on your finances and health. Therefore, functionality should be the main thing to consider even though you may want a vehicle that looks stylish. One thing to consider when evaluating different types of mobility vehicles is the severity of your challenge.

How Severely Mobile-Challenged Are You?
Consider the severity of your mobility challenge to know which vehicle will be right for you. If you have good upper-body strength and can move around without the need of a wheelchair, you can choose sedans, SUVs and coupes.
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If you do not need a wheelchair but are mobility challenged, you will find the seat height of sedans and coupes a relief. Apart from this, if you live in an area prone to raining or snowing regularly, you should go for an all-wheel drive SUV.
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If you rely on a wheelchair for mobility but have a van with a ramp that can move you in an out of the vehicle, then height will not be an issue. It would be best to buy full-size vans or minivans that are all-wheel drive if you live in an area that frequently experiences wet weather.

Majority of mobility-challenged drivers opt for SUVs, coupes or sedans due to financial reasons. These vehicles are less costly compared to vans that have been fully converted to be wheel-chair accessible. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which vehicle will be right for you. If your mobility challenge is not very severe, buying a sedan would be a good option.

Before buying any vehicle, it is important to ask for recommendations from people you trust. You can also know the best vehicle to choose for your situation by asking for advice from a mobility dealer. If you have the necessary mobility to transfer, opting for a special seat and wheelchair/scooter stowage lift can be a viable alternative.

You need to research well to determine the right mobility vehicle to go for. Your current mobility state and finances should help you find the right van to purchase.