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The Benefit Of Fluoride In Human Teeth The teeth are the most solid part of a human body. Different from what people believe, the human teeth are not bones. It is usually calcified tissue known as the dentine. Normally, it is shiny and very hard. With minerals, the dentine like the bones will grow healthy and diseases free. Each and every day, human teeth lose and gain a lot of minerals. One of these minerals is fluoride. It is a common mineral that is present in foods and water. The fluoride will get rid of the sugar, bacteria and plaque that is in the mouth thus reversing the decaying of the tooth. The sugar plaque and bacteria forms an acid that is corrosive causing the teeth to decay. The children enamel right before the growth of the teeth are strong if children are given fluoride minerals. The kids have a benefit referred to as the systematic benefit by the dentist. This enables the child’s teeth to come out strong and of good health. Even after erupting continuous administering of fluoride compliments to the kid will prevent tooth decay. The brushing with fluoride compliments or the toothpaste is beneficial and is referred to as the topical benefits. The enamel is stronger in such a case because even the saliva has the fluoride minerals in them. Tooth decay and cavity occurs when a lot of minerals are lost and are not replaced with more minerals. The teeth will decay, weaken and the final thing to do is to remove it. What destroys the enamel is the acid formed by the sugar, plaque, and bacteria in the mouth. The acid also takes other minerals away that are useful in tooth development. By adding fluoride compliments, you will be able to reverse this tooth decay by getting rid of the acid that is being formed. It is for this reason that the dentist recommend that you should regularly brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste.
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Tooth decay is very common to those people who likes eating diets that have high sugar content. It is very important for such people to ensure that they use fluoride compliments to get rid of the acid that will bring tooth sensitivity in future is not looked at. There is also the fear that is created by people when they say that fluoride is dangerous to the health of individuals. When used in small amount, the fluoride mineral compliments will bring nothing less than the benefits to the teeth. It is even in line with the saying that too much of something is poisonous. The use of fluoride compliment is recommended for both the children and the adults as well.3 Lessons Learned: Health